Dental Treatment - Budapest

Matos Dental

Most dental prostheses, treatments can be made within just one week (5 weekdays)!

In your free time between the treatments we are glad to offer and organize various programs (sightseeing, boat trips on the Danube, bathing in thermal spas, visiting theatre performances, museums, folklore programs, etc.) - according to private demands and interest.

Guests staying for several days due to a dental treatment are offered significant discount on the price of accommodation.

Our guests taking part in dental treatment enjoy a distinctive attention by Beatrix Hotel’s staff and are accommodated in the most comfortable and most quiet rooms.

The dental surgery


They strive to provide the highest quality dental care to foreign patients. The surgery - looking back to a significant professional history - is equipped with the latest technology and has all conditions for providing entire care to "dental tourists". 

They speak English, German and Italian.

We help you with your dental problems in the possible shortest terms. We are available round the clock on the phone, fax or e-mail. We use the highest quality materials. After a throughout examination and taking a panorama X-ray, our patients are given a detailed treatment plan and offered various alternatives to their dental problems.

The dentist`s answers to the most frequent questions

Will it hurt?

Absolutely not, because even the location of the injection is anaesthetized.

What materials do you use?

We use the most modern, highest quality materials from Germany, Austria and 
We are fully aware of that the first step - that is dialing our number or making an appointment by email - seems to be a most difficult one, but our patients - who know us well - have no fear to do so. The very first step is to fight your fear, which is helped to be overcome by the friendly atmosphere, attentive care and painless treatment in our surgery, where you are welcome.